NDSU English Department By-Laws Draft

In 2003-04, the department started composing what it called a "handbook" or "charter." The process was not completed. The initial documents from that process have been posted; they may be edited or removed as the new set of by-laws is crafted.

We formed an ad hoc bylaws committee in 2009 but again the work has been slow. Text has been generated, some items passed, but we aim for completion in 2012-13. Amy Taggart is chairing the committee and will bring he By Laws experience to the process.

In addition to perhaps building on the work done in 2003-04, the committee will read other departments' by-laws, look for good models, talk to local committees about the work they do (or should be doing), and will perhaps even review the viability of all committees.

The committee will work with (and perhaps build on) this collection of by-laws . Please feel free to add links to other by-laws or handbooks below.

Ball State University Handbook: http://www.bsu.edu/english/resources/dept_handbook/index.htm

University of Missouri, Columbia English Department bylaws